Adult Coloring Pages in the Works
One of the long term projects I intend to start building up on is creating complex adult coloring pages worthy of framing when finished. My designs will likely tend to focus on complex geometric patterns with a few more whimsical ones, and possibly even some with affirmation words inspiring calm and happiness.

Adult coloring pages are very popular right now, as people look for ways to de-stress and reconnect to a time when life was simpler. My pages are designed to be worked on over a longer period of time as the patterns are quite complex and interesting. You could try working on a little bit each day to help you relax and disconnect from the stresses of life. When you are finished, your creation will be more than worthy of framing and hanging. These pages are a true work of art.

My pages are all hand drawn, scanned, and lightly edited for contrast, brightness, color, and to remove any stray marks. Therefore, these pages may contain a few irregularities in the designs. I believe that these irregularities add character and interest and do not detract from the final image.