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Own the Choices, Know the Power

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If I take a long hot shower (which I do for pain management), I don't get to complain about the size of my water bill or my guilt and remorse when there is a water crisis. 

I have to own that I chose that hot shower instead of being more conservative of my resources. IF I own that decision, I am also able to realize that I CAN choose NOT to take the long hot shower and conserve those resources. I HAVE THAT POWER. 

If, sight unseen, somebody else just paid the water bill for me, I might never know the true power or impact of my actions. 

When I open my eyes and look at where I am in my life Right Now, I can clearly see the choices I made that put me here. For better or worse, they were My Decisions and these are My Consequences. Although my choices walked that path along side the influence of the outcomes of choices made by other people; I chose which direction to walk, which hills to climb, which swamps to go over, under, around, or through...OR Not. 

 Although I may not have seen which holes I was about to fall into; my choices contributed to my presence at the precipice of each one. 

Empowering Recognition: My Choices determined how I ended up in the hole, who helped me along the way-or didn't, whether I asked for help-or not, and most of all; My Choices decided When and How I got out of those holes. 

The next time I am sitting in the bottom of a pit that I didn't/couldn't avoid; I will KNOW, without a doubt, that I have the Power to get out of it. 

The above Poster, composed using my original photo, "Wishes and Stone," is attached for your personal use. Enjoy! 

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