Advent Card...??
I grew up Catholic, though I never fully believed the faith. I was generally allowed to read my (very secular) books in the pew rather than pay attention and quit attending church and Sunday school as soon as I was old enough to stay home alone.

Anyway, I did pick up a few things via osmosis and one of those being that during the 4 weeks of Advent, the Priest wears purple three weeks and pink during the 4th...which is actually, I believe 2 purple, then pink, then back to purple. Feel free to correct me, I'm definitely no expert.

In any case, purple seems to be often overlooked as a Christmas Color, which seems weird given Catholicism. But when I was looking for pieces for this card (loosely inspired by the FMS sketch mentioned earlier), this purple washi just screamed at me. Seriously, when the idea first struck me to make a Christmas Card, it was going to be that red paper with green and gold accents, so you can see how reality alters idea.

The silver spots are glitter glue, hence why this card is laying on the table rather than standing up--it wasn't quite dry at picture time.