Adventure Pals State of the Union: October 2015

Hello friends! Danny here. First of all, thank you SO MUCH for supporting us during our first month on Patreon! I didn't think we would reach our first two milestone goals so quickly. You guys rule!

Thanks to your generous pledges, PlayStation Year One is now a biweekly series. The next episode has entered production (the script is about 90% complete), and you'll be the first to see it once it's ready. You're gonna LOVE the weird-ass games you'll see over the next few episodes. I can't wait to cover them.

Our streams have been running very smoothly since we opened them up for vote, and you guys have picked some great themes so far. If you haven't seen it yet, this week's SPOOKY stream is now up for vote for $5+ backers. This will be a recurring theme throughout October, so if you want to watch us stream some little-seen Sega CD horror games, now's your chance to make it happen!

$5+ backer reward update: Starting in November, we will put THREE streaming sessions up for vote every month. This leaves us at least one free week every month where we'll get to pick our own theme. We may also use that week to take a break from streaming in order to catch up our other projects, if needed. We'll notify you in advance if that happens via Twitter.

$25+ backers: I'll get in touch with you guys toward the end of the month, and I'll announce your streaming sessions once I settle on a date and a format. Watch out for a message from me in the meantime. This will either be wonderful or a complete disaster, but it'll be entertaining either way.

If you missed it, we released our first backer-supported episode in September, and I'm super happy with how it turned out. If you want something to watch while we're working on the Parodius episode, check out our newly-archived PlayStation Underground 1.1 stream. It's kinda wild.

Again, we really appreciate your support, and we're looking forward to seeing you all during this week's stream. Stay fresh!