Adventure to the Tallest Mountain!
I had Saturday, May 24th off and decided to take my wife and two daughters on a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We visited Craggy Gardens for a quick hike. We stopped at the official Craggy Gardens overlook for some photos. It was a very warm day around 75 degrees Farenheit (23 degrees Celcius). As we got to around 5000 feet in the air the environment looked more tough and rugged. It turned from bright greens to dark greens. The trees were shorter and branches were gnarled by blowing winds. The air was clean and smelled crisp. I wish it wasn't as hazy but it was still beautiful. I was born in Denver, CO and I always feel at home at high elevations, it may be related. We arrived at the peak of the mountain at the golden hour for photography. We enjoyed some fun moments seeing the mountains and hiking around with the girls. They love to investigate new places! Please take a moment to like the video and subscribe for future adventures! We love you all! Tell us in the comments about any mountains you have climbed. Other Projects: You can buy Minecraft at and play on Team Bruno's Adventure server at the IP: Use Version (1.7.4) available and it is Managed Vanilla, Survival Adventure. Good luck! No Whitelist, Rules! Can you find all the hidden treasures? Award winning videos at Submit your videos for the Gold Standard Video Award at Become a YouTube partner and make money doing what you love! You all can follow me at I follow back 100%. References: Royalty Free Music from & YouTube Creation Center Meet other Youtubers and grow your channel for free at ; the official forums of Check your YouTube stats at and stop in the chat to tell them Bruno sent you. Current Graphics Team: Note: Thank you so much for watching, liking and commenting. I really enjoy the interaction! Take care! Mail stuff to: -Bruno PO Box 238 Arden, NC 28704