The Adventurers are coming! The Adventuers are coming!
"Adventurers: Book One" is now completed! Expect release within approximately one week--that'll give me time to do some more edits and get a start on the next chapter. In the meantime, you guys can start planning your Adventurer-themed reading session. My recommendations: Beverage: Strong liquor or tepid water Food: Jerky and just enough dried fruit to stay regular Soundtrack: The sound of people talking about you in a language you don't speak Party game: Play pin-the-live-saving-maggot-on-the-rotting-wound Afterparty: Betray your best friend and cry alone Also: I am officially announcing the Tales of Dead Adventurers contest! Each month I'm going to include as a bonus the entire life's story of a dead adventurer. Specifically, I'm going to include the life's story of YOUR dead adventurer. Patreon backers at and above the five-dollar level can e-mail me a summary of one of their roleplaying character's careers. It doesn't matter if it's Dungeons and Dragons or an obscure system simulating East German soap operas--everything's on the table. Each month, I'll select one "lucky" winner, adapt them and their struggles to the Adventurers setting, and write how they met their gruesome end battling disease, poverty, monsters, and the competition in the dog-eat-dog world of professional adventuring. I can't think of a better homage to a beloved character than seeing a dark mirror version of them suffer greatly. Submissions are open now, and the drawing for Dead Adventurer One will go down this Saturday, so send off those e-mails! I'll be sharpening my axe. E-mail: Rutskarn at Chocolatehammer dot org. Thanks again to everybody for your support! Oh, and one more fun thing: if you play Fate Core, here's how to make characters for this campaign setting: Skill Points: 16 (starting) Refresh: 2 Free Stunts +2 (starting) Skills: ACADEMICS (used for academic casting with 2-cost stunt) ATHLETICS BARTER (track sums of money discretely) BURGLARY DECEIT FAITH (used for divine casting with 2-cost stunt) FIGHT FIREARMS (reloading costs four attack shifts per barrel) INVESTIGATE NOTICE PHYSIQUE PROVOKE RAPPORT RIDE SAIL STEALTH WILL That should get you started. The specifics are spoilers, and I'll withhold them...for now. -Rutskarn
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