Adventures In Adventuring
Sometimes it takes us a few tries to find the right way to tell our stories, artwise. For one of the panels in the upcoming "Tales of the Shadowwood," the heroic wolf Prince Galen has to fight his way free of some castle guards. (Relevant backstory: a soldierly mentor taught him a few things his captors weren't expecting.) I wanted a to show a dramatic kick that that the unarmed Galen could use on a guard who is not used to that sort of resistance, and the guard really getting walloped under the chin. With no anthropomorphic wolf models lying around to study for stunt shots, and our cats being too comfortable (lazy) to do any Kung Fu-type moves, getting the pose I wanted involved a bit of research, a stack of paper - and not giving up. Starting with the first image in the top row, and working left to right on down.... Row 1: A rough thumbnail of the the action; and a cleaned-up version of Galen. I found a great reference site to help with Galen's pose: Row 2: Now, what about the guard taking the hit? I tried sketching out several poses, but none was what I wanted. Row 3: After some more scribbling, I did a VERY rough thumbnail (about an inch tall) of a pose I thought could work. I enlarged that thumbnail, and did a cleaned-up version from that. Row 4: Putting the drawings together, the final sketch in the row is the version I transferred to board for inking. I'm not saying this is the only way to come up with a drawing you like, but it's one way, and in this case it worked for me. As the saying goes: if at first you don't succeed, keep on scribbling!