Adventures in Library Land: FCBD at the DPL!

Hey folks! So this last Saturday marked the end of a handful of weeks' worth of freaking out and planning. It was our library's first Free Comic Book Day and since no one else at the library had heard of FCBD before... I had no help preparing for this. I also got the okay to move forward with the program a little over a month before the date. As you can guess, things were chaotic.

All in all, I think it went well. I'd made up some coloring pages for the kids. It turns out we can't just buy coloring books and photocopy the pages. So I drew some characters up quick and reused the line art for a display sign advertising the event. 

I also brought in a box of games from our personal stash, some nice felt masks, bookmarks, and of course the comics that were donated by the wonderful guys at Cave Comics! Thanks Pat, Jay, and Matt!

And yes, I did spend over half the day dressed as Batgirl. Though the mask was discarded after about an hour or so. It was much, much too warm in the Junior's Department due to the heat still running at full blast. Also I couldn't wear my glasses while wearing the mask. I should really bite the bullet and get fitted for contacts again.

Matt stopped by for a few hours to help out with the gaming and my coworkers gave me a hand setting things up and dealing with the initial rush. I lost track of just how many people came through for the event - I kept needing to split my time between the circulation desk and a game Matt and I were playing with a few of the kids. While I'm sure I missed folks, I know at least fifty-two people attended the program! 

Out of the hundred comics we started out with, only twenty-one remained by the end of the day, most of those the titles that were a little too young adult for the majority of the kids who stop by our department. I forgot to count out the number of masks remaining, but out of the hundred and twenty we began with, I'd estimate around twenty-five to thirty remain. 

The 'Create a Superhero' program I ran that day as well was a bit of a mixed result. I had eleven kids for that, but most thought we were going to be making costumes, not drawing. I may retool that for next year and see if there's a way we could actually create costumes. It depends on what the library and the Friends are willing to pay for. 

So yes, a successful first attempt to bring Free Comic Book Day to the library! I'm already working up possible ideas for next year and will pitch FCBD 2020 sometime this late fall. That should give me plenty of time to make next year's event bigger, and more organized, than this one. 

For now I've one last 'Folklore Friday' to do this week - thank goodness, that program never took off. The STEAM Fair's next week, but I don't have to do anything for that aside from distribute some lawn signs tomorrow and help with chaos control in the Junior's Department that day. 

In two weeks 'Seuss on the Loose' starts, where I plan on dressing as The Cat in the Hat each week. I still need to decide on and make samples of crafts for those five weeks. Also the 'Little STEAMers' program starts the first week in June. Yep, summer reading is coming up fast and there's still so much to do! 

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