Adventures in Library Land: Summer programing is heating up

Hey folks! I just returned from another program planning meeting. It was interesting! At this point all the summer reading program proposals are in and now we're working on advertising and what prizes we'll be giving out. Because you must have prizes during your summer reading program. It's like, a law or something. 

While things are slowly coming together, the whole event currently resembles a ball of chaos rolling rapidly downhill. With luck everything will smooth out in the next month or so. 

Personally, I think the Junior's Department should have its own Summer Reading website. Our STEAM Fair has one, so why don't we? We could use it as a portal to showcase our upcoming programs as well as a place where patrons could sign up for said programs. And when we visit schools to promote our summer activities, we could hand out cards and bookmarks with the Summer Reading URL on them. We could even have an area on the site where patrons could give us feedback about what they thought of the programing. It'd work out great! 

Damn it, I want a Summer Reading website now! I may need to talk this over with some folks tomorrow, see if we can't set something in motion. 

I may be making enamel pins for summer programming prizes. I mentioned I have experience designing pins and folks seemed interested in the idea. I'll need to run it past our assistant director first to see if she'll okay the plan. 

But yeah, it's tricky coming up with prize ideas for a series of two month library programs. By the time prizes are discussed, nearly all of the limited budget has been spent on outside performers and supplies. There's very little left to go around. Still, we'll come up with something. 

As for my individual programs, Folklore Fridays has had a very poor start. It turns out 3:30 Friday afternoons is not a good time for programing. In fact, it's dead. We don't start to see patrons until around 4:15-4:30, which isn't long before we close. So far I've had two people in, both last week. I was worried about this until our assistant director chatted with me about it last week. She said not to worry or get discouraged, that these things sometimes happen. So while I'm a little disappointed, I'm no longer worried it's seen as a mark against my job performance. It does mean I may want to avoid this time slot for future programs though. 

I also ended up flying solo this last Sunday. My partner in crime up in Junior's was ill and we didn't have enough folks downstairs to send any backup my way - the creeping crud has invaded the library and is currently picking off most of the staff. It was an interesting - and busy - afternoon, but everything went well. No problems. I even had time to teach myself how to classify a book as damaged in the system so it could be repaired without patrons attempting to locate it on the shelf. Excellent! 

So that's what's been happening in Library Land lately. It's shaping up to be an interesting summer!

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