The Adventures of Israel St. James - The Thief of Faces

There are magical objects in this world. 

A certain nexus in history or a rare genius can imbue an artifact with supernatural power. These relics are Israel St. James' specialty. 

In his collection are pieces that can demand your obedience, send you to sleep for a year, and drive you to the brink of madness. 

You're lucky Israel's a nice guy. 

Except when things turn ugly in Paris, he has no choice but to get his hands dirty. 

The Thief of Faces is one of The Adventures of Israel St. James, coming November 2019 to Sic Semper Serpent Books from the mind of Nathaniel Hicklin

Our long-time fans will be happy to know this impending book contains Parts 1 & 2 of the Israel St. James saga; the complete collection of short stories. 

We present the story attached below free to you because we believe you'll love our adventurous archaeologist. With each chapter fully illustrated by the talented Jason Belden, you might even be tempted to buy the whole book someday. 

Heaven forbid!

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-Loved the story!

Click the .pdf to get reading

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