Adventures with Gus Ch 33
Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Patreon page if you've never been here before. I write fiction, non-fiction, and podcast. Keeping the arts and sciences alive during an era when those things don't seem to be a priority to the Administration is an important mission for me. 

In 2017, I published two books: Miscarriage of Justice, the third mystery novel in the Farrah Wether series. Then I took a huge leap and wrote a novella in the slasher flick style of horror, Misty Murder. I still tried to play to my interests in atypical protagonists and have a senior citizen as the leading lady in Misty Murder. It's only .99 on Kindle. 

In between working on huge book projects, I've been writing the adventures of the cats I live with and their country estate private investigations, The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency. Gus is my companion and we take some pretty epic adventures in the woods and around New Jersey. 

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Here's chapter 33, "The Lovely Bones," from Adventures with Gus. 

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Amber (Gus and Oliver)