and that is the final drawing for catty & batty's latest adventure! ^_^/

usually i drew these on a small post-it-sized piece of paper, but for the last one i decided to draw it on an A4-sized sheet, so it took about two hours to draw instead of the usual 30-45 minutes :D (you can find the hires version in this post's attachments)

it's also the only drawing for which i had a pencil sketch before inking xD

you can view all images in chronological order in this twitter moment.

if you're curious, these are the artists i followed during inktober:

* s.Jane Mills 

* Myriam 

* Danica Sills 

* Bobby Chiu (Jim Bob drawing show)

* Joey Wall 

* Jake Parker

thank you all for your positive reactions to these drawings! hope you had as much fun watching as i had coming up with daily panels! i think i learned a thing or two in the process :D

i have more planned for catty & batty (... another game? :O), buuuuuut that's for later xD

now returning to my regular program (and grammar and case sensitivity)

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