Adventuring Again
Well, it's been a rough year, but I'm finally ready.

In a week or two, when Agnar wraps--and while I develop Into Heaven on a slow burn--I'm going to put my big fat scary plan into motion.  I'm about to try a fiction-publishing experiment, and you folks on Patreon are going to be part of the most interesting section of it.  

My end goal is this: I'm going to try to establish a readership for my fiction that's totally separate from Twenty Sided.  In short, I'm going to try to make it.  

(Not that I plan to quit anything! Ruts Plays and Spoiler Warning and The Diecast aren't going anywhere. I'd do all that stuff for free, so they're not really interfering with my business stuff.)

This means a lot of development and commissions on my end, but as far as you're concerned, for the next six months (and probably beyond) it means the pipeline will look like this:

1.) I'll be writing a new Adventurer's novel and releasing it in monthly chapters, like I did before. You'll get a new .pdf to read the first of each  month. Now, this part's probably not going to kick off until June 1st at the earliest--I've already started writing this, but it takes a while to get a strong beginning going, and besides I'm waiting on some cover artwork for the .pdfs. Here's what's going to go up directly after Agnar, and what will literally be updating just about every day:

2.) Basically, I'm opening up my whole editing process to public viewing. 

All the $5 backers will get permissions for two Google Documents. The first will contain the draft of the novel I wrote and distributed last year--unchanged, typos and all.  This draft won't change a bit.

The other will be my living document. It'll be littered not only with massive edits, but with notes on just about all of them--explaining what's getting cut, what characters are troublesome, how I try to change the flow of chapters or scenes or conversations, what I'm worried about, all that stuff. 

Every month, I'll edit and post the highlights of these notes and reflect on my conclusions. This process isn't one-way, of course--if you've got opinions on how I'm wrecking my story, I'm only an e-mail or message away. 

I'm still tooling with the ultimate plan, but to sum up: long after they've been drafted here, some time after I've finished editing them, the stuff I write will end up on a different website. That part of the plan's probably not going to happen until later this year, so I'll leave off getting into it.

You know, I'm worried about failing--but more keenly than that, I'm worried about failing you guys. And since I really do mean to open up this WHOLE process, if you've got opinions on what I've got planned, please let me know--either here or by e-mail. I guarantee you I read every message I get. 

Sincerely: all the chances I've taken, the move, the commissions, the therapy, have been made possible by you guys. You've been a great help through some kind of ugly times, and I frankly couldn't do this without you.