CONTACT is offering 'Patron Rewards' via our Patreon page that effectively deliver discounts on regular advertising packages across the CONTACT brand.

Patreon is a platform where Patrons can support what we do, simply because they want to – kind of like 'an ongoing kickstarter' or 'go-fund-me' for creators.

In return, CONTACT offers rewards to our very valuable Patrons – from a simple thank you to our "CONTACT Privates" right up to serious advertising packages, where the rewards translate into significant savings on 'traditional' advertising.

Junior 'officers' can opt to have their company logo listed and hyperlinked on special Patron Pages in the CONTACT magazine and on our web site – kind of like old-fashioned classified ads.

Up the scale, the serious advertising starts with the CONTACT Lieutenant Colonel who adds a footer advertisement on our web site to the perks enjoyed by the lower ranks – right up to the CONTACT Chief of the General Staff (of which there can be only one, with all the associated prestige) who gets a complete advertising blitzkrieg across all our platforms.

With a range of advertising rewards commensurate with every other rank in between, there's something for everyone.

Anyway, you get the gist – and you can see all the rank perks spelt out at right – – – –>

  • NOTE: All prices listed in these rewards are in US Dollars. You can check today's exchange rate here.

Whichever 'rank' you choose, rest assured that the cost of each package offered here is designed to deliver a significant discount on our already discounted rates for 'ongoing' advertising. You can view our standard rates here – and see a Patreon V 'regular price' comparison here.

If you have any questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Brian Hartigan

[email protected]
or phone 0408 496 664