Advice For The Day: 2/11/18
Do something you're afraid of. 

This photo is me doing a 25 minute "sermon" at the Ethical Society of St Louis yesterday. 

I was terrrrrrrified. 

But I took some deep breaths, and I did it anyway. 

And it was okay. I was nervous the whole time, and my hands shook, and my voice sounded weird to my ears, and at one point I cried. (Literally). 

But you know what? I am so glad I did it. I'm so glad that when my friend asked me to speak there, I said YES without hesitating, despite knowing I'd spend the next two months (!) fretting over what to say and how it would go. 

I finalized my talk the night before. But I did finish, and I did deliver it, and people were touched by it. 

(In fact I have had three new clients already reach out to me who were in the audience! I always say that I really translate best in person and that if you put me in front of a group, at least one person there will always want to come to me for counseling!) :) 

Anyway, I'm debating whether to a) send you guys the talk (in writing) or b) do a video of me reading/delivering it in the sermonic style from yesterday or c) wait and link the podcast when they eventually get it up. Any thoughts? 

The takeaway though is that things you want to do are never scary enough to make them worth not doing. I am grateful to be 38 and finally learning how to be courageous. Thank you to the handful of you who were there. :)