Advice on Livestream - Should I do it?
I have been trying to figure out fun ways to promote this new comic and a friend of mine suggested Livestream again. You see, when I was working on reMIND 2, I did a Livestream of my computer screen each weekday morning for an hour when I was coloring pages and it was very motivational for me to keep working because I knew people were watching. Anyways, I was thinking of trying it again for Sithrah. I'm just not sure what the best approach would be and maybe you can help me decide, Here's what I'm thinking. I can realistically start Livestreaming (or maybe another platform?) between the hours of 6AM and 7AM (PST) on weekday mornings. It would either be my monitor as I'm coloring, sketching or fixing things or it would be my art desk as I'm inking depending on what I need to do that morning. I would like to make this free to anyone who wants to watch it live whether they are a patron or not (because this helps me get more exposure). But perhaps the recorded archives will only be for patrons? I could make a new pledge option for $5, or something, where that pledge level could ask me any questions and I would try to answer one or two questions each morning at the start of my Livestreaming broadcast. Does any of this sound like a good plan to anyone? Would you be interested in this if I offered it? The reason I'm asking is because it would be a big commitment for me because of scheduling and stuff. I'd like to know your thoughts though. Maybe there is a better way to do it that I am not aware of. Any suggestions are welcome. :) Thanks again for your excellent support in my first month of Sithrah and Patreon! Jason