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Aeon Byte’s Greatest Disco Hits
Reached deep into some cyber cellars for this, but it's certainly very important as our guests get us into the essence of Gnosticism, from various perspectives. You made it happen, and now this beat is out forever!

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It’s scratchy. It’s flashy. It’s rollerblading to the Pleroma. We revisit ancient shows for ancient perennial wisdom of the greatest of all heretics in the Demiurge’s Studio 54. We get deeply acquainted and boogie with Gnosticism—on many levels and perspectives—from its definition to its purpose. And how the contraband beat of the Gnostics is more relevant than ever in a world where orthodoxy prepares to release one last, bad album.

Astral Guests—Robert Price, Acharya S, Stephan Hoeller, Tim Freke, and more!

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