Aeterna - Update v. Public

Hello everyone.

Here's the newest release of my visual novel game for the public testers. :)
$5+ Patrons can enjoy the newest Patreon release instantly, $1 and $2 patrons can access it 2 weeks after release.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your anti-virus may flag the game as a false positive because the program is unsigned. To bypass this, add the game to your anti-virus' exceptions list/whitelist, restore the .exe from its quarantine and try again.
IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: Never use old save files on a new version of the game! Always start fresh (and use the 'skip' button), otherwise the game may bug out.

Patch notes v.

- added Mr. White’s art assets
- added Lucas’ art assets
- added Chantelle’s art assets
- added Jennifer’ art assets
- corrected a bug where Leia would keep grinning in chapter 5

Spelling and grammar.
- corrected a lot of dialogue

- added more dialogue outcomes during the intro’s tabletop game scene
- added tweaks to some dialogue

- optimised various sections of the code
- added Patreon credits to the end of the game

- probably a lot of stuff that slips my mind right now

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