The AFA Podcast: Episode 46- Happy Birthday to Us/Finding Dory
We have now been podcasting for a whole year! To mark the occasion we've recorded a two-part spectacular the features the whole cast in one episode for the first time. The Patron edition includes both parts in one epic show.

In the first part Chris, Rachael, Dan and Yvonne talk about the last year of podcasting  (0;05), before moving on to the normal news topics (0:36) and what the team has been watching (0:58).  Then it's time to finish up talking (spoiler free) about the latest Pixar release Finding Dory (1:32).  In the second part Rachael, Jill and Yvonne take another look back at our first year (2:36), as well as discussing more Finding Dory (2:51) and talk about trying to introduce animation to non fans (3:06) and much more!

To celebrate our birthday,  this episode is available to everyone.. enjoy!

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