Affordable Art~ Claim yours now!
I really like the way that the subscription option at Patreon allows Patrons to choose how much they would like to spend and how often.   

In the interest of doing something similar-ish for my local patrons; I am trying this new offering that allows them to choose how much they would like to pay on instock pre-printed and original art for local pick up and payment at the studio during open studio hours .

The instock collection includes 11" x 14" poster prints in protective sleeves, a few 12" x 12" paintings on canvas, 2017 Calendars, notecards and post cards, and odd sized photo prints. 

Paid Subscribing Patrons can claim any item they see here. Just send me a message to let me know by midnight tonight and I will set it aside for you with no additional charge to you. It's just a surprise perk of your subscription! 

  I am up to my eyeballs in setting up SWAN Day Allegany County NY 2017 . So, please allow about 2-3 weeks for me to send it to you. (For delivery in the continental U.S. only)

{Offer is NOT applicable on commissioned projects and print-to-order  items.} 

 An arts advocate for life; my studio business and creative works are built around the concept of accessible and affordable art.
When you subscribe : in exchange for the benefits of your subscription level you are providing funding to allow this work to continue to thrive in the world.
Thank You!  

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Infusers and Muses
$1 or more per month
$1 monthly Funds Tea4me. Thanks for infusing the muse! You'll get access to the Patrons-First Activity Feed where I post bloggy updates and ideas.


  • Early access to my work
  • Previews and Early Announcements about Events and Wellness Activities 
  • Patrons-First Content Feed
  • Vote on Future Content
$2 or more per month
$2 per month helps buy drawing supplies. Thank You! You'll get ONE monthly 8" x 10" Original Line Drawing digitally posted in the Patrons Only Activity Feed with an EZprint pdf version attached PLUS all benefits of the Infusers and Muses tier.  
New Art4U
$5 or more per month
$5 per month  funds my creative projects. Thank you! Unlock a 30 page collection of e-z print drawings already in the patrons-only activity feed. Then receive One NEW illustration-digitally posted weekly in the activity feed and ONE monthly Card featuring my original art sent within the continental United States directly to the address you provide.  [Shipping times may vary.]
  • The 30 page printable pdf of 33 original drawings 
  • Early access to my work
  • Patrons-First Content Feed
  • Vote on Future Content
  • ONE monthly Art Card
  • One NEW weekly artwork digitally posted for patrons only
  • Access to all Drawn4U content and Infusers & Muses Content
Creative Wellness Program
$35 or more per month
$35 per month funds Creative Wellness projects at the studio. Thank you! You get Transformation to Wellness 5 Modules in pdf format delivered via the activity feed.
  • Early access to my work
  • Patrons-First Content Feed
  • Five Modules of Creative Wellness Program Content in pdf format
  • I Stand For Love 2018 Calendar mailed (Continental U.S.)
  • Links to Creative Wellness Resources and References
  • Printable Wellness Activities and Worksheets
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