AfghanEye Campaign To Raise £3000

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Since piloting our first episode, we've had the chance to carve our own small yet growing space in the discourse relating to Afghanistan.
We have received feedback and recommendations. A recurring theme in feedback has been the suggestion to move onto other audio podcasting platforms. Whilst we would love to do so, we currently don't have the means. 

Why? Because we are freelancers doing this out our own pocket. 

We are doing what we love, and what we feel is our duty to provide a counter-narrative to the boring, yawn-inducing headlines of the last 19 years. We aren't funded by large, murky organisations. We don't have a political agenda. And neither are we affiliated with any government. That means our support is you: our viewers.

Below is a breakdown of all the equipment we need to truly take our podcast, material and insights to a new level. As of yet, we have been relying on free material and software to carve our own space. Going forward, we need more support, better equipment, and greater exposure.

Hosting Services total: £468

PURCHASED! 1 year Website Hosting Service by Wordpress Cost: £230
PURCHASED! 1 year Audio Podcast Hosting Service Buzzsprout: Cost: £ 238

Audio and Video recording equipment for semi-professional Podcasting Total Cost: £ 2212

PURCHASED! 2 X RØDE PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone Cost: £205
SCRAPPED 2 X RØDE SM6 Microphone Shock Mount with Integrated Pop Shield Cost: £00
SCRAPPED 2 X RØDE WS2 Pop Filter Cost: £00
PURCHASED 2 X Blue Microphones Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm Cost: £215

1 X Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder Cost: £348

1 X SanDisk Ultra 128 GB SDXC Class 10 Memory Card up to 80 Mbps Cost: £19

PURCHASED! 4 X Microphone XLR Cables  Cost: £30

2 X Sennheiser HD280pro Closed Monitoring Headphones Cost £207

2 X Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Cost: £190‬

2 X Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator Cost: £300

PURCHASED! 1 X Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface Cost: £90

1 X Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface Cost: £90

2 X FalconEyes RX-8T 5600K LED Light Kit Cost: £140 

PURCHASED! 1 X 18" Ring Light Led Cost: £100

1 X 18" Ring Light Led Cost: £100

2 x Scandinavian Hub Under Desk Cable Tray Cost: £52

£2,680 total costs 

£3000 to stay on the safe side and have a small budget for any unexpected costs