After Christmas post.
Thanks for all the positive feedback from the posting of the podcast 'orgy' as it has been named on Twitter... :D

We have one last thing for everyone. We just posted the interview with Dave Kennedy, and we wanted to post the full audio of that. So you get an additional 15 minutes of audio with just us talking to ourselves and Dave.  Mr. Boettcher was caught pre-sucking up to Dave, as he had his 'Binary Defense' t-shirt on, as well as his autographed book "Metasploit: the Penetration Tester's Guide".  We'll try to break him of that in the new year... sucking up to guests, not wearing clothes... ye gods...

Happy New Year to our supporters, and it is completely humbling to know you care enough to donate to us. We would like to do something in the new year for all of you, so keep an eye out for that... And if you have an interesting topic you'd like to hear on our podcast, please don't hesitate to contact us ([email protected])

Bryan Brake

Co-Host, Brakeing Down Security Podcast