After the Fog, coming soon!
Okay so the comic now has a launch date!! I'm so excited (and scared). I can't wait to show you all about the comic. Here's a brief description of the characters.

Sumu is a trans man from Finland. He met with Mikko when they were both very young and Sumu still thought he was a girl. They got married too. They're still together and in a polyamorous relationship with Xan.

Mikko (guy in the front in the photo) is a cis bisexual guy who's a computer engineer. Very decent guy, pretty quiet, but a nice fellow! He's very trustworthy, but he has hard time making any decisions.

Xan is another trans guy (the one in the back of the photo). He's half Finnish, half Vietnamese. He's lived all his life in Finland. He's an activist and he's currently unemployed. He might seem aggressive, but he's still very kind. He kind of just has this resting bitch face.

And that was the characters!! I can't wait to show you more stuff about ALL of them! And well, you'll get that info in 3rd October! I will first post everything here on Patreon in the morning Finnish time, so you people will get them first. Then later that day I will post them for everyone to see all over social media!