After Marathon Update
Afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

It has been a hectic couple of days for me but I really couldn't be more pleased with the results. Apologies for keeping such a tight lip on that secret project I was working on but the NDA from the closed beta is something Bethesda takes very seriously and I'm very grateful for the opportunity. 

Rather than rattle off the 15+videos I released on Far Harbor release day I'll just post a link to the playlist.

The 24 Hour Marathon of Far Harbor went really well though wasn't high up in the list due to everyone and their mother streaming Far Harbor as well but expected that. Met our goal after the marathon as some people were too nice and didn't want me to go into overtime which I have to thank you for. 

So raised $300 for the channel which I use for games, giveaways, equipment etc so that does help a bit. On a bit of happy news I can say I've hit over a million views overall on youtube but will take youtube a day or two to get caught up this date. With Far Harbor playlist release I've gotten over 50K views in the last 48 hours so I'm quite satisfied with that so far and I'll be working on more Fallout 4 content and with some feedback I've gotten with the series so far I think I can do even better. 

Took the day of from streaming today after the marathon and I've been working on the Far Harbor project for a couple weeks, 20 hour days and also keeping up on the stream/youtube daily content. 

So will be picking up with the streaming on our Empyrion Saturday night as usual. Twitch schedule will be a little different next week as the Mrs is on the vacation this week and need to do some work on the landscaping and also have the parents coming in on Friday so will be different streaming times and I'll keep up with everything best I can. 

Have a great night everyone.



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