After Midnight 2 :: A Blue Moon Painting for you. Yes, you!

Hi! :) This is After Midnight. I painted it in 2007. 

11x14 inches, made with acrylic, sand, glass, and phosphorescent pigments on canvas board.

This is a classic design of mine from almost 10 years ago. 

A collector bought this painting after buying a few others prior to it with my normal 1.5 inch wrapped canvas sides. I kinda panicked (I was still new to all this...) and asked to repaint her one with the more "proper" gallery-wrapped-edges. She accepted and I did, so I called this one (the first) After Midnight 2 and stored it away in my closet.

But now I've had it for 9 years and it seems silly to keep it hidden within the shadows and darkness of storage, away from someone who would enjoy it.

I've updated the moon and sky with a touch of newer, fancier materials (than I used in 2007) but I think most of it should remain as it was when I finished it. That's the moment in time it captured-- It should stay that way. :) This is a memento from a much earlier point in my career. It's an important part of my story, even if my inclination is to bring it up to date with my recent techniques. I want to be confident in my past, and my evolving process.

(If you're looking at this on the Patreon app, be sure to jump over to the full website to view all 5 static images of this painting under each lighting condition.)

I think it would look killer in a black frame (but no glass!) It's also gonna be super easy and cheap to ship. 

Bidding starts at $400. Available to Patrons Only. The highest bid recorded tomorrow February 9th at 9:30pm PST is the happy winner! I'll send you a blacklight flashlight too if you don't already own one. Feel free to message me any questions! I'll be around. Except when X-Files is on. :)

Oh and -- the first bidder gets a free 8x10 print! :D (even if you don't win.)

Less than 26 hours to go. Bam. ❤︎