After Vegas, Here's What You Can Do to End Gun Violence
Two homework items for listeners after the mass murder in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017: A script for calling your members of congress about the SHARE Act, which would lift restrictions on gun silencers. Members are considering this now. Make the call:
“Hi, my name is [your name], I’m a constituent of Senator/Congressperson [Last name] from zip code [your zip], calling with a question about their support for gun rights. Can you tell me whether the senator/congressperson supports the SHARE Act, which would eliminate restrictions on the sale of gun silencers? [ Wait for response ] I would like to strongly encourage the congressperson/senator to reject the SHARE Act, and instead work for strong, common-sense restrictions on guns and silencers. One more question: I noticed that last year, according to federal filings, the senator/congressperson received [dollar amount] from the gun rights lobby. In the wake of the mass shooting deaths of nearly five dozen people in Las Vegas last night, I’m wondering: How much money would constituents like me need to donate to convince the senator/congressperson to reverse their position on gun rights and fight for gun control instead?”

Also on the episode: a call to organize in your own communities.

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