Afternoon Update
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Wed is our stream weekday day off so I can get a full day of recording for youtube content. 

The Battle Brother review got out today on the main channel, game had just come out of early access on steam after 2 years.  Game will be taking the Thursday slot on twitch for awhile as I've gotten a little burnt-out on XCOM 2 and Mount and Blade for the moment. 

Still fine tuning the new Patreon outro for youtube and I do apologize for taking so long I do tend to dink around with that more than I should. Next on the list is the official channel trailer but I've been messing with that for ages and ever revision never seems to muster up to me but will keep working on it. 

This evening we'll have another Long Dark Interloper as always. Number 78 of our 365 youtube challenge of having an Interloper episode everyday. 

Also a new permadeath series will be going up on the main channel soon, just working on some kinks along with some kinks getting Fallout 4 back onto the channel as well. 

Have some errands to run or I'd ramble more but will update as always tomorrow.