Against Ourselves
Belief in the literal idea of Jesus taking away our sins does little for our shame and guilt. Casting our sinfulness outward and disowning certain parts of the self is actually denial. It is refusal to accept ourselves in full. We also reject the true presence of God in our infinite eternal soul because we believe there is something more important. This has become ordinary along with diminished self-esteem. Maybe we’re too proud to admit that the traditional interpretation of the story of Jesus causes more harm than good. Can we honestly replace the soul and escape the effect of being turned against ourselves? Lack of connection with the soul breeds inner anger and inner hatred. Why WOULDN’T it? Replacing our infinite blessed divinity with something less valuable is painful. There’s nothing that can make up for it. It’s convenient to ignore the build-up of hostility and resentment. It’s easy to unconsciously take it out on someone else. There is an intense need to be right and good in order to overcome what is wrong and bad. What we think is wrong and bad is us. This keeps us stuck in a civil war against ourselves. The mind tries to think its way out. It is not until we attempt to disengage and dis-identify from the mind that we realize how deep we are entrenched. Consider how they treated Jesus with hatred and scorn. Is it a coincidence that people treat the soul in the same fashion? Here is the savior of the world that is rejected and buried yet still lives. Here is the hope for which humanity has been searching. Having been programmed to neglect the soul since childhood, how likely is it that things will suddenly change? The system often punishes what we are intolerant of in ourselves. It is popular to deny the eternal blessed sacredness within. The soul mostly gets trampled and buried as humanity combats itself. We unnecessary battle against ourselves because we mistakenly reject the true love of God in the soul. “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). How is this to be accomplished except through the soul? Do we honestly think we can be made perfect with the traditional interpretation of the story of Jesus? Will it be different if we try a little harder next time? It doesn’t take a P.H.D. Certain forces resist the soul because it threatens the current order which profits through fear and intimidation. The ravenous desire to defend oneself through the traditional belief in Jesus is an effect of psychological attack. Unspoken identification with the personality causes feelings of alienation from the soul’s infinite worth. And if we don’t know the value of our own soul, then we will not know the value of another’s.