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I'm so excited to have Gordon White join me on Episode 4 of Against Everyone with Conner Habib!

Gordon White is author of Chaos Protocols, Pieces of Eight and Star.Ships. He's also a chaos magician, and the host of the wildly popular magic and occult podcast, Rune Soup.

In this episode we talk about:

• A world of magic vs the world of power: 3:35

• Why you’re a big fantasy-projector: 4:15

• The horror of immortality: 6:30

• Why suicide, nuclear obliteration, and climate change are too easy: 7:50

• Goodbye, science. Welcome to the Era of Witchcraft : 12:05

• Gilles Deleuze as the occult culmination of postmodernism: 15:10

• “Materialism is almost the definition of white people nonsense”: 18:30

• Jacques Derrida, occultist: 22:50

• The question of evil: 27:30

• …and how to fight it: 34:15

• The black magician of Germany and her conversion: 36:15

• The Fall and its reasons: 39:55

• Why progress often looks evil: 42:45

• The Gordon White Path and the Conner Habib path: 46:20

• Christianity as the way culture experiences itself: 54:40

• Meeting your spiritual integrity: 1:08:00

• “It is Satanic. It is a seizure of Divine power and your power.”: 1:14:00

• Leaving power behind: 1:20:50


Gordon mentions Charles Fort, for whom the excellent magazine Fortean Times is named. Here's a link to their forum, and here's Fort's collected works. 

Here are some of the postmodern philosophers I mention: 

Bruno Latour edited this amazing book on resetting our minds through radical anthropology. It's called Reset Modernity! 

Here's Latour in conversation with Michel Serres (who I mention in AEWCH Ep3).

Walter Benjamin's "Theses on the Philosophy of History" is beautiful and moving. You can find it in his collection, Illuminations.

Gordon mentions literary critic (and also great critic of pop-science-new-atheists) Terry Eagleton. Here's a book by him that overlaps with some of what we discuss.

We mention Gilles Deleuze quite a bit. The two best intros to Deleuze are Francois Dosse's Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari: Intersecting Lives  and the TV series (available in English only on DVD), Gilles Delueze from A to Z.

I talk a bit about Steiner, and will probably continue to throughout the series. Here's me answering a few questions about Steiner and his work and my life.

Here's Tree of Souls. I think I need to get a copy for myself, too!

Robert Anton Wilson is a great gateway drug to occultism. His work is contained pretty well in Quantum Psychology.  It was Wilson who eventually led me to chaos magician Peter Carroll. His classic book is Liber Null & Psychonaut: And Introduction to Chaos Magic.  (You can also learn a bit about chaos magic by watching Grant Morrison talk about sigils.)

I love Jon Ronson, and if you haven't yet read The Men Who Stare at Goats, you are missing out on something really great. Skip the movie (REALLY avoid it), but read this great book.

And please do support Gordon in all his work by becoming a premium member of Rune Soup here.

Okay, that's it for now. Enjoy, please share, and use #AEWCH when you do!

Big love,


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