Apr 16, 2019

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I've been longing to introduce you to Christian occultism more deeply, and particularly the work of Stylianos Atteshlis, also known as Daskalos. So I've invited one of my spiritual teachers, who was also a student of Daskalos's. author Daniel Joseph, onto the show to explore why Christian occultism matters now more than ever.

If you're turned off by the "Christian" part, but interested in the "occultism" part, listen through; you'll find that there's plenty there to think through. In fact, we don't mention Christianity as such very much, but it runs through the work and practice. And if you're turned off by both, Daniel and I break down all the seemingly hocus pocus terminology and make it intelligible for secular listeners.

Daniel runs workshops for The Researchers  of Truth, who carry on Daskalos's work, and I highly recommend you check them out.

Daskalos's work, via Daniel and his spiritual partner, Aki Toshimutsu, has changed my life, and I know many people can benefit greatly from engaging with it. 

Daniel and I discuss:

  • Who Daskalos is, how Daniel came to meet his teachings, and why his work matters so much.
  • What are the "Seven Ascended Masters"? (We really do get to it by the end of the ep)
  • How Westerners often reject Western esotericism
  • How religious Christianity has wounded people and how that Christianity is much different than Christian occultism and esotericism
  • Daskalos's healing miracles, and how proximity to spiritual truth can itself be healing
  • What the human being is and what dreams are
  • Why dead people often don't know they're dead (and how you can tell if you're dead or not)
  • The different esoteric bodies
  • Why some esoteric masters are public, some remain hidden, and one that was recently incarnated
  • The illusion of time
  • Where humanity will be in a million years and why nuclear war and climate change won't be the end of us
  • The theory of understanding and practice of engaging with elementals
  • The skill of spiritual listening, versus secular hearing
  • Being frustrated when we don't have spiritual encounters
  • Why Conner was all nervous about this episode, and how to deal with this nervousness when you're about to speak with someone


• For more on Daniel, you can go to his site, or buy one of his books of spiritual anecdotes and exercises, Swimming with the Whale: The Miracles, Wonders & Healings of Daskalos & The Researchers of Truth, and Diving with the Whale: Experiences & Revelations with Daskalos & the Researchers of Truth. You can also watch the inspiring documentary about the house Daniel (whose birth name is Daniel Gobin) built (pictured below) with Daskalos's spiritual instruction.

• For more on Daskalos (pictured below), you can read The Magus of Strovolos: The Extraordinary World of a Spiritual Healer, which provides an excellent introduction to Daskalos. Unfortunately, the follow up books by the author are, according to multiple witnesses and testimonials, mostly fabricated after the author saw he could make money reporting on Daskalos (and was subsequently disinvited from any meetings). So stick with the first book. You can also read Esoteric Teachings, or simply go to The Researchers of Truth website. And here's an interview with Daskalos's daughter, Panayiota Th. Atteshli.

• You may have already heard of Amma, the so-called "hugging saint." But if not, she's definitely worth checking out (and hugging!). And of course, you should also check out Ram Dass, who is both Duncan Trussell's (who was just on AEWCH 66!) and Pete Holmes's spiritual teacher.

• More episodes on Rudolf Steiner coming up, so don't worry. If you'd like a recording of my online course, "Occult Philosophies: Rudolf Steiner and the Western Esoteric Tradition" feel free to reach out to me via email (againsteveryonewithconnerhabib at g mail) to buy access. Later in the episode, I talk about Steiner's concept of reincarnation. If you'd like to engage with that, there's a great little book called An Exercise for Karmic Insight.

Franz Bardon (pictured below, kind of a daddy!) is an important and profound occult figure whose book, Initiation into Hermetics is a significant contribution to Western esotericism and spiritual development. Bardon was imprisoned in a concentration camp for refusing to yield occult wisdom to the Nazis, and after he was freed, was arrested by Russian police for practicing occult healing. He died in prison. 

• The "five keys"  Daskalos provided are concentration, observation, introspection, visualization, and meditation/contemplation.

•  Oh hey, the comet Apophis, named for the Egyptian god of chaos, will be passing by Earth in 2029. Who do we want to be as it draws closer.

Until next time, friends,


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