Ages Behaviour Tweaks

Have you noticed that children, teens, young adults, adults and elders all act almost the same with autonomy on? I investigated this for some times, and found something in the hidden buffs for the different ages....

So, this is a piece of the tuning for the adult age hidden buff.. ( actually advice you to open it up in S4S and look at this buffs on your own instead of only look at my screens)


We're looking for the interactions on the list that are autonomous... like, this buff pushes the sims to collect the dishes, the trash, to view art, and browse the phone among other things....

Now, this is the buff for the child age:


You can notice right away... they are the same (they are all mostly the same) the child is pushed to collect dishes as much as the adult is. This... kinda makes all the interactions for influence and force in parenthood useless, since all the children are in fact mini adults.

So I made some tweaks to these values to differentiate the ages a bit more. First thing, I removed the push to collect dishes and trash autonomously for teens and children. Then, I removed pointless interactions like view art or view sculpture from all the buffs (they will still do it autonomously, just not as much... in my game, when they decide to do something is always view art, so much that at some point I removed the autonomy for it) then I removed the read books for YA, Child and Teens (it will not stop them from doing it, but they will do it a lot less) and the browse web for Adult, Child and Elder. I also removed this for teens:

It's the idle animation.

In brief:

Children and teens will not decide to collect dishes and trash autonomously, you will have to influence them, or force them to do it, they will be more messy.

Adults and elders will not browse the phone as much, they will prefer reading.

All ages will choose way less to do pointless things like view art or sculpture because I don't play the game to look at pixel people looking at something, nodding like idiots.

>>> Updated for 12 November

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