Agnostic or Atheist: What am I?
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Find out where you fall upon the spectrum!  Are you agnostic?  Are you an atheist?  or... are you both?

Video produced by Confronting Ignorance.

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1) Labels for oneself are not always black & white.  Consider that while watching the video.

2)This video may be used (and downloaded at the address above) for educational purposes. Recommended for those interested in topics concerning religion, atheism, agnosticism, etc. Also could be used for critical thinking classes or ESL classes.

All music is original, and images used in this video are free of copyright (public domain). Other images are used under the creative commons license under the "educational information" category.

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**Additional Notes Below**

Some viewers have mistakenly decided that "gnostic" does not have the meaning which I've included with this video, and claim that it only refers to the religious system known as Gnosticism. Please read the following at as to the alternative meaning of "gnostic." Remember, words can have multiple meanings:

"Despite such possible usages, it remains the case that the term agnosticism is used fairly exclusively with respect to a single issue: do any gods exist or not? Those who disclaim any such knowledge or even that any such knowledge is possible are properly labeled agnostics. Everyone who claims that such knowledge is possible or that they have such knowledge might be called "gnostics" (note the lowercase 'g').

Here "gnostics" is not referring to the religious system known as Gnosticism, but rather the sort of person who claims to have knowledge about the existence of gods. Because such confusion may come easily and because there is generally little call for such a label, it is unlikely that you will ever see it used; it is only presented here as a contrast to help explain agnosticism."


The adjective form of "agnostic" which has been used in this video has an antonym which is "gnostic."