Agust Update for Plushy
Hi all, specifically rick.

Thanks for being my patron, now I may not be the biggest youtuber but I sure do have massive projects coming up. Thats right, I'm coming back to youtube and I am going to make awesome episodes. well hopefully their awesome. No joke my first episode back is gonna cost me heaps to make so I'm working lots to save up. Anyway I'm gonna update my patreon a bit and start making more patreon exclusive content for you. Just small videos to help me practice my editing technique. 

So when will I return, well right now I am still growing out of my old fur so I'm still on a hiatus but I'd say this christmas. I know its a fare few months but I am literally working on editing the new videos and stuff. In the meantime find me on twitter cause I post heaps of crap there regularly.

Thanks for backing me up and I cant wait till my new videos are up.