Ah, That Traditional Yet Modern Minsk (Stanislav's Belarus in Photos)
Message from Lada:

Dear friends, 

The world events we are experiencing are very rattling and often negative. Sometimes we all need a rest from the troubles of the world we are all carrying on our shoulders. I feel driven to infuse a more positive feel into our common space on Patreon. I want this to be a place where we can share a smile, and I want you to come here not only for earth-shifting revelations and heavy-duty geopolitical analysis, but also as a place where you can mingle and get to know your fellow members. A place, where we reach out not only to the higher dimensions, but also to each other... As you know, we do Spiritual Spa, which I'll probably make into a Special Feature, but I also love to travel and explore. Don't you?

This is one of the reasons I am inspired to post my Patreon patrons' travel impressions on special occasions and/or during holidays. Stanislav sent me these awesome pics from Minsk, Belarus. We also have the impressions from Seeker's visit to Agroprom Expo in Moscow. I just love their different perspectives! And we might do more of these during Holidays! 

My impressions from vising Minsk a few years back: The capital of Belarus is a lovely city, both traditional and modern. It's very quiet, clean and orderly, compared to many other places I've been, if overcast most of the time. ;) Yet things do happen there. Belarus is very cheap and is probably a good place for a quiet, relaxing getaway. They do have some rather advanced spas, where they cater mostly to Russians, or those who can afford them. They are quite cheap for foreigners (at least that was the case a few years back), but maybe not so much for Belorussians. 


From Stanislav: 

I read on Patreon that you are working on a feature about Belorussia.

Here are some photos that I took in Minsk during my two visits there last year. If you want, you can use them in your articles.

There are two panoramas and several photos of the architecture and the old town (what is preserved of it after WWII). In the beginning of September of 2017 Minsk was a host to the Festival of Georgian culture. There was a nice fair with Georgian foods and artesian produce. Then there was a concert of Gerogian song and dance. And the common language for all at this festival was, of course, Russian. :)

I've also included photos from Korona supermarket. The selection of foods - both domestic, from EU and Russia dazzled me. For example, quail eggs are an expensive delicacy in Norway, and we seldom have a selection of more than 10 juice types in the supermarkets! And don't get me started on the fish and sweets counters!

One photo is of a painted (!) man-hole. One can see ones like this all over the central Minsk - I mentioned them in the Belorussian Notes that you published on Futurist Trendcast earlier.

All the best,



Manhole near Opera:

Lada here: Just my impression - supermarket shelves stocked much better than in the US! And I have some great holistic and upscale food stores where I live, so I'm not comparing to regular old supermarkets, but rather to some of the best and most forward-looking shops.

All this reminds me of the Russian Brighton (Brooklyn, NY) supermarkets and their lavish spreads, especially the fish and baking. But this does seem better and higher quality.

Lada: Really wanted to include the pic below because... just look at this egg selection! We have these terrible 'Auschvitz chicken farm eggs' in the US, as Gerald Celente calls them. Just a confirmation that the US is turning into something the USSR was disliked for, while the Earth Shift is happening elsewhere! 

Lada: The pastry variety is as good or better than at our Wegmans, and Wegmans is famous for its pastry department, which usually looks like the candy for the eye, especially on first visit! Quality and taste-wise I'd say the Minsk pastry is probably better and more natural.  


I've made this post public, so people from elsewhere could visit too! I know that's what Stanislav would want. 

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