AHHH! -real life post-
Hi again!

Okay guys, personal real/life post this time because I kind of need to let you know in a way uwu) maybe some of you may follow me on twitter or not but sometimes I ramble about things happening in my life there at the moment ( @Parorou ) but..

In the past days I've been really busy and behind schedule because I haven't been able to draw or even have access to my computer since I'm moving to another apartment, life happens, things change, but the good thing is that I'm already settling. My current room is a MESS of boxes and bags. And had to spend like a full day cleaning up the previous apartment too.  Sigh. I just wanna sit down peacefully and draw cute stuff. 

Anyways, the point of this being, I MAY or not be able to, for example, post today (may 31, last day of the month ) that promised PSD files pack I mentioned, BUT fear not, if it's not tonight I'll post it tomorrow. I'm just saying because I don't want you to feel let down like "Oh my card's been charged and there's no files grawrr" etc.

Same thing for the monthly patreon sketches! I'm working on them! But may have them within the first days (as usual though) of June : )

Special shout out to a couple of persons who I haven't heard back from and I don't know your requests yet ! 

Thanks again for all your support !