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Aimless Sky - Story #5: To Christen the Sky Herself
September is just around the corner, and with that, the dreaded promise of returning to school for another year. So why not escape away to a world over five hundred years away from our own? Here, April has just begun, and the life of a captain begins with a simple event: an auction. Behold! The fifth story of Aimless Sky has been released, entitled "To Christen the Sky Herself." Our new plot continues, our major characters collide, and the story of Sky Ashworth continues in this installment that spells a new direction for the collection. I hope you enjoy! As a writer, each story for me just gets better and better, but this one might take some time to top. ;) Spread what word you can, review, comment, yada yada you know this drill. But as long as I got you guys reading, we're all good. Thank you again for your support! Signed, The Nico
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