Aioria, the Gold Saint of Leo
This was something I was *very* excited about! I'm NOT allowed to sow this in public until later this month, since it'll be shown at a local comic book themed cafe along with the work of other local illustrator friends in a Saint Seiya themed show :) I was very excited to be part of this! Since I never seem to get motivated enough to submit my work to showings or apply to art books and stuff and I wanted to change that. After not being selected for another themed group, I got extremely excited to get in this one! Saint Seiya was my first anime love, and since my actual first 2D loves were already picked up by somebody else, I got Aioria (or Aiolia), my patron saint of Leo He's so cool, and also one of my fiancés favourites, so he helped me with some good critic eye when working on this :) I'll upload some in progress shots in a minute~ Hope you like it! :D I'm very proud of it and I can't wait to see it printed and framed <3