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Hi friends! ( The Time pieces ;) are ready for a change ... )

Dreadful, disturbing, heavy, destruction. It is ugly.  Painful to think about, distressing to see. Confused. Everyday another cruel thing that is hard to phantom, difficult to digest, horror to come through occurs, to the world, to principles, to people. Merciless, meaningless malevolence.

Noxious poisons, bombardments, abhorrent orations, the retaliation in lieu of conciliation;  all for which I can be furious … in brief. Fury is quick to sadden.  Sadness to tears, 

  • cannot stay in that place, in the devastation    
  • not prolific, not fruitful 
  • great is the destruction, the sorrow.  
  • sweeping away the ashes, preparing ground for the new
  • Create.

Human beings: if not creating, we tend to be destroying …

… a modest way to ride the tide …

From a gentler place, replace, repurpose, reuse, resurrect.  Face the ashes, clear the way, in the now little by little, little bits … at this time.  Upcycle.  For those who need to see this to release it, of those who have known a horror, I cannot possibly understand. Comprehend what is a trigger.  Horror to accept it, release, exchange it, progressing or to another place a space of more grace. An easement, threshold, a segue; I would intend it to be. Face to face.


Went a different direction with this piece than I initially intended. That is good - as the piece became more organic.  And for this moment I indulge. The message can remain universal and equal to humanity as the sign of times pieces are meant to be.  ... I took pause though. It is awful. I am, for the near future anyhow, going to pursue positive things humans are accomplishing for  Sign of Times works. I have a brilliant, beautiful one brewing already.

Thank you guys!  

PostScript ~ as always:

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