Airborn - Original Song
'Airborn' by Allen Scroggins (original song)

NEW song - Playthrough Ambient Guitar Instrumental - Ibanez Guitar w/ Dimarzio Pickups (Home Recording)

This is an original instrumental composition.

I created the piano parts using MIDI.

This track is created and recorded by me other than the drum track which is in the software I'm using.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think can make the future videos better.

Thanks for watching!

Guitar - Ibanez S570dxqm
Amp - Crate GFX 212
Dimarzio Pickups - FRED (neck) & Crunch Lab (Bridge)
Middle Pickup - INF 2 Ibanez single coil
Mic - Sennheiser md441

Mixcraft 6.0 Build 199
Adobe Premier Pro