Akai MPK Mk 11 not sponsored!
Just ordered it. will let you know how it compares to the Arturia minilab. It "cannot" be better. The arturia is amazing.  :-)

and, rant, here is the thing: IF you actually want to know? you basically can't. the "top 6" are chosen, paid for. they review the top 6. 

It is like the Reaper DAW. know it? heard of it? proly not, unless you are someone who actually makes music. Other than that? you know Logic, Cubase, Protools. especially the "industry standard" Pro-Tools.  know what? nearly nobody uses that , for real , anymore. if you are into video or music production in a serious way? you use Reaper. like the Beeb and just about anyone in video game production these days. 

But, do they tell you that? nope. cos "they" are paid to say what "they" want said. 

So, having that rant off my chest? I have the aruria minlab. I just ordered this Akai. I am a musician. I shall tell you what they are like, for real. 

nobody pays me. shit!!