I don't normally do commissions nor do I upload pieces here.

But this is a commission for a very special fan, Krieg, who saved me in the Artist's Alley at Anthrocon this year.
This is my very first Operation Desert Strom piece and depiction of an Iraqi Republican Guard. This one is by far the most unique piece to me.

Immediately after Anthrocon, I was deployed to Iraq. On the way there, I happened to stop by Kuwait as well.
My initial impression of the middle east was not how I expected to it be. I thought it'd be a really shitty place, but it is a beautiful place when the sun sets. In fact, about every detail in here is based off of the pictures that I shot over there.

The trees, the flag (though in this depiction, this is the Ba'athist flag), T-72, hills, sun, even the cigarette. In the middle east, smoking is a social culture so when I was in a group of fellow Iraqis, I smoked one of them. They are very thinner than western cigarettes, but has as much kick, if not more.

This is also the first commission that was done traditionally and colored digitally and what you see here is the future of Armored Gears.

Thank you Krieg for this special commission and I cannot express how grateful I am to have someone like you giving me an opportunity like this.