Alabama vs Arkansas
 Game Time: 6:15 ESPN
When Bret Bielema was hired as the new Head Hog he promised to field a team that featured a smothering defense and an offense that featured an overpowering running game that would emphasize ball control offense. In his tenure at Arkansas he is 27-29, he is 10-24 in SEC play and is 7-18 in the SEC West. Not exactly the dream he envisioned....unless he was talking about a nightmare. Don't know what the locals are saying but I can envision a lynch mob in his future. He may go quietly into the night but it won't be cheap. He has a $15,000,000 buyout . Not exactly chump change.

But that is not the point. He is 2-3 this season, having beaten Florida A&M and New Mexico State. Whoopee! Now he has the misfortune of coming to Tuscaloosa to play the Crimson Tide. And i don't think Saban and company are in the best of moods.

Nothing like the smell of bacon sizzling on the gridiron on a fall afternoon. Alabama has far too many horses for Arkansas to handle.  This Alabama team may be the best one I have seen Nick Saban field and that is saying a lot.  

I watched last week as they were playing Texas A&M and came away with two thoughts.  First. A&M is a much better team that I envisioned.  But most times when you are playing a team the Caliber of Alabama you have a tendency to rise to the occasion and "play over your head".  Do not take that as a slam.  A&M is good, real good.  Second, I think the Alabama players bought into the media hype about how good they were and underestimated their opponent.  By the time they realized that A&M didn't give a rat's ass about their ranking and the media's comments they were in a ball game and not looking good.

But they got things under control and notched another win.  If you go by the fact the A&M beat Arkansas and Alabama beat A&M the logical thing is to feel that Alabama will beat Arkansas by default.  

Don't work that way in the real world.  But, Alabama will prevail

Alabama by 21