Alan Macfarlane's 'Reflections for Rosa: how to discover the world'
Hi everyone, Rounded Globe has just released a new title. Again, thanks to you all for your support in making this possible. We now have three published titles with a further four forthcoming titles listed on the site. In addition, I have been promised a further four titles (but am waiting until I have set titles before listing them). However, there will now be a hiatus of some months before our next publication. We are going to use this time to do two things: (1) Establish a Print on Demand (PoD) option for authors. This will be an additional extra that they will pay for out of their own pocket (the cost here is the professional typesetting of a pdf file that is passed on to the printers). However, we want to work with the typesetter for the first few books so as to establish a standard formatting for printed Rounded Globe books. (2) Sort out a campaign video. This is really crucial to getting the funding campaign going (at the moment, and despite your generous support, all this work is being done by us pretty much for free). Once we have a video we will relaunch the campaign - I'll then ask for your support in spreading the word. Have a good summer, and once more: thanks for your help! Simon