Alan Walker - The Spectre (Live Performance)

    2016 has been nothing short of an incredible year for Alan Walker. With the launch of his debut single #Faded in December 2015, the Norwegian artist, DJ and producer first made his mark on the global music scene. Throughout the year, Alan has toured around the world, and also released the follow-up single #SingMeToSleep, as well as critically acclaimed remixes of the likes of Coldplay and Sia. He released his third single #Alone earlier this month, giving him the third consecutive #1 single in Norway. #Alone has also entered the Spotify Global Chart on #40, just weeks after its release. And here is another song that is #TheSpecter


Listen to "The Spectre" Free:






                        Lyrics: ♪Alan Walker - The Spectre♪

Hello, hello

Can you hear me

As I scream your name

Hello, hello

Can you see me

Near and far away

Is this a place that I call home

To find what I've become

Walk along the path unknown

We live, we love, we lie

Deep in the dark

You will see the lie

Like a ghost inside me

It's not that far to the other side

We live, we love, we lie

Hello, hello

Sound of silence

Echo in myself

Hello, hello

Lost reliance

A war that never ends


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