ALBUM !!!!!!!!!! And Patron discount.
Patreon suggested I 'write like there's no tomorrow' and so I will Patreon. But first, what does that mean?? Write like there's no tomorrow. If there were no literally no tomorrow, as in if I knew the worlds gonna end or a sudden death will hit me, I don't think I'd be writing to Patreon. I love you lot but I would probably be much too overwhelmed and curling up with my partner and mother and trying to enjoy my final moments in some huge yet banal way. Like talking and joking around a fire. 

And then, philosophically, we can say there is no tomorrow. It is a mere construct. We are living today, in this moment, here. And nothing else exists in a physical form. Once tomorrow is here it will be rebranded as today. So, perhaps there is no tomorrow after all. And in light of this view, I will continue to write to Patreon as if there is no tomorrow. 

The Goth and the Pixie album release show was last night! And our album is now available on bandcamp! This is all very exciting. I'm sorry I didn't get an earlybird version to you supporters first. I was quite run off my feet and it didn't actually get completed until earlier this week. Some last minute edits to the mastering track.

So I've spent much of this week burning CDs and putting stickers on em and designing and printing album covers and putting them in to CD covers and - we had a bit of a battle printing CD stickers. They went all over the place. The printer sometimes got the printed image in the CD circle sticker space made for it, and sometimes got it in totally random places. 

Anyway, we have two stickers for the CDs. We had the normal track list in black ink on white paper. And then we had one which my lovely partner Troy made, as a joke, and sent to the Goth, Wairehu. He loved it and wanted to use it, but we were a little shy of using it for every single CD in case it scared some people away. 

It looks kinda like this. That's our bass player Albert. He was a bit tired after our huge recording session at Lott's house. He was a bit fed up with being photographed. 

So we've decided to make this a special CD cover. And all our wonderful peoples who have helped us so much to make it are being given honorary 'limited edition' albums. Want one? As a wonderful and supportive Patron of mine, you are entitled to a limited edition album, or simply a normal one, at a discount price. Send me a message - are you able to do that? Or is it only me that can message you? I'll see if I can figure out a way to do this on Patreon. 

Our release show special was albums for $5. You beautiful patrons are being offered the same deal: our CD for $5. Anyone else is charged $10 for a physical CD and $8.50 on bandcamp. 

Yesterday's show was so fun. There was a creepy ghostly creature lurking in the foyer as people entered. And a strange lizard dragon which scampered around and gave people chocolate money. It liked being patted and purred like a cat! There were also TV screens showing static at the entrance to the theatre. 

First on was Halcyon Birds, and they were beautiful. Ethereal and serene. They created a chilled dreamlike vibe which endured throughout the evening. Then, Glass Shards, who was evidently rather tied up and mostly hidden inside of a mask-like giant box, was pushed and shoved by a screeching Pixie onto the stage. After a quick public services announcement she knocked the box off his head. Seemingly in a fit of rage she ripped his tshirt, pulled the gag out of his mouth and cut the masking tape binding his wrists. Again, screeching, she flung the masking tape (rather stuck to her fingers) away, where it happened to hit a nearby drum with a rather wonderful 'bong!' A voice in the audience murmered 'is she going to throw those scissors?' and she stormed off, leaving Glass Shards to offer apologies to the audience, and explain he had been kidnapped to perform for the show. His set was other-worldly, and hilarious, entertainment factor +10, funky electronic noises, distorted vocals, and hilarious crowd banter. At one point a rather excited woman's voice called out 'can I lick you?' as he tried to dedicate a song to his fiancee. The following act was Battlecat, much more full on and heavy, perfect for rocking out to. Upon hearing the very beginning of their first song half the audience immediately stood up to dance, the driving rhythm causing much jumping and almost-headbanging. There were three children in the audience and they LOVED this one, dancing away. Somehow they got ahold of the dinosaur head and took turns wearing it whilst dancing. 

Then, the Goth and the Pixie! As we performed a ghost-like apparition wondered between crowd members. At one stage she came onto stage and I had to keep looking over my shoulder between singing to make sure she wasn't sneaking up on me. I wondered out loud whether she had died on state highway number two and the Goth replied 'if only there were a song about that'. The children started doing roflcopters, that dance move where you lie on the ground and run yourself round in a circle. Brilliant. 

We ended the evening with a cover of Aorangi's 'My Dove'. Unfortunately Wai's guitar went out of tune and we had to stop partway through to tune and then begin again from there. Still, many audience members were almost in tears at the end of it and I received a message from Aorangi this morning saying her mum had sent her a video and she loved how serene this version was.

What a brilliant night! And much of it was filmed, thanks to the film guys from In the Fridge and Nexus TV. Looking forward to seeing that :3

Album on bandcamp! There's a PDF of lyrics in there too. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to upload that PDF to patreon for you all too, should you be interested in it. 

I'm sorry I've been slack at posting lately. Now that the tour has begun I'll be more able to add stuff here.  Thank you lovelies,  

<3 ME