So this is basically done [updated after the inevitable tweaks], here's some peeks at the process. The band by the way is Le Trio BBQ.

My second last comp sketch.

But client wanted a more magical feeling city...

Liked that, so I printed blues and started working on the inking yesterday.

The night sky is bleed proof white flicked with a toothbrush after I used post it notes to mask off the area where the buildings are.

I used watercolors for the washes and did some of the colour work directly on the art this time,

 Reflections last, all in water color and white paint with some graphite for details. 

And, here's the raw scan of the work before going at it in photoshop.

I ended up adding clouds from another illo I did, and I actually flipped this, the outline had the man on top. But it's easier to suggest a mountain in reflections than a city. 

Added colours and effects as well in photoshop too. Hope they like it!

Update: Client says "Perfect!". :D

Also just wanted to note how pleased I am it works invered. ;)

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