Album Art Updated + Fire Emblem Album Ideas
Hey Patrons!

Thanks for the feedback regarding the logo! I've chosen to use the first logo - many of you liked the simplicity, and I personally liked the Roman numeral to distinguish the album art! Going future, I think I'd inevitably run out of different shades of blue to distinguish album arts, so the numeral is a good addition! Thanks for your help!

Additionally, I posted about this on Facebook a while ago, but with the release of Fire Emblem Warriors, Nintendo is releasing a Fire Emblem Warriors sound selection, which allows me to license some old Fire Emblem covers of mine that have never made it onto iTunes and Spotify! This includes songs like Road Taken, Conquest, and Alight! I'd like to remaster these songs and release them as part of a Fire Emblem EP with some other new songs! I'm very excited by this idea, and I'll be sure to let you know more at things develop.

As always... thank you so much for the support!