Album bonus track!
Hi guys! New epic video coming to Patreons at the relevant tier tomorrow, finishing the CMM Station project and that PCB, hopefully 🤞 Meanwhile as noticed by some of you, my new/retro album #InstaMental has been re-released today with a brilliant bonus* track #43! Update your streaming links/playlists: 🎧👍 (*This may just be a fancy way of saying the publisher left my best song off first time around 🤦‍♂️) To celebrate, yesterday I publicly released the music video for the CMM² red song, with a very special vocal guest 😉 Please do share with your retroluvin' friends to raise awareness of the channel and more importantly, give people a fun SID time. Enjoy! Your friend in retro, Chris aka ԹҽɾíƒɾɑϲԵíϲ