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The Alchemist's Pool
High in the hills around the city is a large, and unique building that has sprung up around a spring. This spring however, is vastly different from any other in the world. This spring does not spew forth fresh water, instead every six hours the liquid spit out by the spring changes to a new and random magical potions. Originally a small shrine was built around the spring. Over time additional outbuilding have been added until today it is a rather large building. The proprietor is an elderly man by the name of Robert who fancies himself as a duke and yells angrily at anyone who refuses to address him as "Duke" when speaking to him. He has two creatures that aid him, both unwilling victims of the random potions produced by the spring. When it fancies him, he will have them capture a random victim and The Duke will subject them to repeated potions until he gets an effect he likes. Then he will lock the victim in the cells at the back of the building. Later, the victims will become dinner for Robert and his aids. Robert wrongly believes that consuming these victims will transfer the good attributes of the victim, especially the magical ones. Every six hours the magical liquid that spews forth changes. Roll on the table to determine the effect the potion produces when 6 ounces are drank. The liquid from the spring will only affect a person once per day (thus if a person drank two potions within the same 24 hours, only the first potion would take effect). 1 - Ever Present Shadow, suddenly the drinker gains d6 shadows that radiate outward for the next 48 hours, even in darkness 2 - Green Thumb, suddenly large and beautiful flower sprout from the drinker's ears, armpits, arse, the effect last d6 hours 3 - Ounces of Odors, a strange and potent stink emanates from the drinker for the next d6 days 4 - A Bit Smarter, the drinker gains d3 Wisdom for 2d6 days 5 - Health, d6 hit points of health are healed immediately 6 - Potion of Foul Luck, for the next d6 days, any time a die roll the maximum possible, the player must reroll the die (thus if a d6 rolls a 6, a reroll is called for) 7 - Speed, everyone else moves a wee bit slower, drinker gains a +2 to their initiative for d6 days 8 - Happy Feet, for the next d6 months, any time the drinker hears music (defined as anything with a beat), the drinker must make a save or begin dancing uncontrollably for d6 minutes, the effect will pause (until the next time the drinker hears music again) if the drinker sustains harm 9 - Strongman, drinking gains d3 Strength for d6 days 10 - Tallman, drinker gains d6 inches in height, their cloths and armor do not grow with them 11 - Warts! the drinker is suddenly covered with disgusting and oozing warts, warts disappear when the drinker falls asleep but then reappear when they awake, warts have no other effects 12 - Arm, drinker suddenly sprouts and arm in the middle of their back, the arm does not like the body it is attached to and will constantly cause problems, effect lasts d3 days 13 - Hairy, thick brown fur bursts forth from the drinker's skin covering their entire body 14 - Ice queen, any liquid the drinker touch henceforth for the next d20 hours instantly turns to solid ice, touch will affect roughly the amount of liquid equal to a small swimming pool 15 - Horny, a single long horn pops out of the drinker's forehead 16 - Horny toad, any time the drinker is within 12 feet of the opposite sex, they must make a save or have an maddening desire to mate with them....regardless of species 17 - Pee, drinker immediately urinates, roughly once an hour, the drinker will begin to urinate uncontrollably 18 - Ssssssss, the drinker's hair immediately turns into 2d10 snakes 19 - Flight...not really, small, cute, white feathery wings sprout from the drinker's back, while usable, they are entirely too small to actually provide flight however 20 - Let there be light! - the drinker's nose suddenly begins to glow softly, every hour roll a d6, on 1-3 the brightness decreases, on 4-6 it increases, this will repeat every hour until either the brightness is reduced to zero (count each up and down as one, starting with the first being a one) or 4 days pass, yes, the light can become blindingly bright
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