AlchemyPlusPlus, Minechem v5, Projektor and more!
To those of you who found this page through the new Minechem Patreon tab...welcome! I appreciate your support, and look forward to producing mods along with you. For my long time supporters, thanks goes out to you as well! I've been able to pay for a few essentials that otherwise I would have gone without, all thanks to your continued patronage of my modding. As Minechem v5 wraps up (and now that the holidays are over), there's a lot of stuff happening in the near future. I've been bugging Kaelten about the Cornucopia integration for AlchemyPlusPlus (, so while AlchemyPlusPlus is on hold due to that, I've been working on something I call "Projektor", a schematic based multiblock structure helper. It's intended as a tool for modders and modpack makers to use when helping new players build multiblock structures. I also have a smallish mod which I'm not talking about yet, but with Projektor coming along nicely, I'll drop the name. I call it...Werkbench. That's all for now, make sure to follow me on Twitter ( and ( for updates and random chatter.
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Fuel the Machine
$1 or more per content (text/media/etc) 4 patrons
A few pennies in my pocket, and fuel for the servers.

I appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

The size of your contribution does not match the size of your spirit.

Keep fighting. Love wins.

Dirge for Capitalism
$2 or more per content (text/media/etc) 1 patron
With two capitalist currency marks, you'll help me ensure that captalism is fought on the digital frontier.
Buy me a drink
$4 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
I'm going to spend this money on alcohol.

It'll probably be given to friends who enjoy that sort of thing.

$8 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
I'ma buy me some pretty smelling soap and take a nice, relaxing shower.

Have you taken time for self-care today?

Peace in Our Time
$16 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
Help end war.

Commit to beating all of the warmongers, by outliving them if necessary.

Beep or Boop
$32 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
You're contributing to the purchase of high quality, free range, cruelty free "beeps" and "boops" in large quantities for my servers and small projects.

(sorry, the selection is randomized, you can't pay for *just* beeps or boops)

Should be 'nuff
$64 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 of 64 patrons
This amount should be enough for anyone.

Have you considered throwing some money at your local food bank?

Software isn't the only thing your extra zeros can buy...

Rounding Error
$127 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
Aren't we supposed to start counting at zero?
Compatibility Patch
$256 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
Marketing didn't like counting from zero, so we're adding 1 to all the numbers in your browser to fix that.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
$512 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
Nothing I make here is worth this much, but...umm...thanks?
Rounding Error 2: Electric Boogaloo
$1,023 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
This rounding error thing is getting out of hand, can someone up the chain make a decision about which one we're officially using?
$2,048 or more per content (text/media/etc) 0 patrons
Not sure I can use this number without paying a licensing fee.
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